Social Ministry

The Redemptorist Charism is preaching the Good News of plentiful Redemption to the poor and the most abandoned. This charism urges us to do many apostolic-charitable activities.

From time to time, social actions will be carried out in different forms and on different scales like: hospital ministry, relief of disaster areas, helping those on the periphery, and victims of social injustice.

We are also strong advocates on the pro-life movement. We have “shelters” or “saint Gerard Homes” to foster the girls with unexpected pregnancies to give birth and to raise their kids.

We also try to alleviate the suffering of thousands of poor ethnic minorities. In addition to charitable activities, we also protect their cultural heritage, especially that of the J’rai people.

Currently, in addition to a number of activities such as free education for poor children, free clinics and regular relief trips to all communities,some young confreres are actively present in apostolic-charitable activities of different scales,of society or of other Congregations.