Ad Gentes Ministry

In addition to the Popular Mission, the Redemptorists of Vietnam have always considered the Ad Gentes an important task.

During the Popular Missions and Parish ministry,we paid great attention to evangelization of the people. This effort always causes positive effects with a large number of people ready to be baptized.

In Dalat, the Fyan Mission Center was established. Its purpose is to proclaim the Good News to the ethnic groups like K’ho, Viet, Thai, Nung, Tay, etc.
In the Central of the country, the Chau O Mission Center was established to proclaim the Good News to the people in Quang Ngai, a province in the central of Vietnam.

On the Highlands, a Mission Center for the J’rai minority was established. It consists of 3 sub-mission centres: Pleikly, Cheo Reo and Pleichoét. These 3 centres are in charge of evangelizing the J’rai people.

In the South, a Mission Center was established in Can Gio Island which belongs to the Archdiocese of Saigon.

In the North, the community of Na Phạc undertakes missions for the ethnic groups in the mountainous areas of Cao Bang – Lang Son.

Thus, the Redemptorist has already have mission centers in the whole country from the North, the Central and to the South. And these mission centers have new approaches, vibrant and magnificent quality. And we are always looking for new places and new ways to proclaim the Good News under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

The Redemptorist mission still compels every Vietnamese Redemptorist to go on a mission. And surely that missionary flame will ever shine brighter in the lives of every Redemptorist of Vietnam.