Catechism Ministry

Catechesis should be considered as a key apostolic activity of the Province. For this is one of the key activities attached to the Redemptorist mission. There are many catechumens who have received catechesis and baptism in all communities of the Province. In Saigon community alone, there are about 500 newly baptized every year.

In most Communities, there are various types of catechism such as the Sunday schools, marriage preparation, and the RCIA, the biblical studies according to the liturgical year, and the catechism for the youth are held regularly on a regular basis or in short sessions.In every Popular Mission, teaching catechism is also always a concern.

A special feature is the zeal of all confreres in the exercise of this apostolate. We are always ever ready to talk about God and find new ways to proclaim Good News to people from all walks of life, whether good or bad circumstances.

Over the past 100 years, catechism ministry has been a dynamic pastoral activity. It has been closely related to the lives of every confrere in our Province. And it has had many remarkable successes.